Our Approach to Privacy

At Sparkle Games we design our games to be intuitive and fun to play, and we don't need to know anything about you to do this. Our focus has always been on creating the best possible user experience. That's why

Our apps do collect data to keep track of your progress, and we use analytics to understand how people are using our games, and which features are the most popular. You can find out all of the data we collect and why we collect it in our Privacy Policy below.

Our Privacy Policy

We've updated out Privacy Policy to be easier to read, so that you can understand what data we do collect, why we collect it, and what your rights are. We're making these changes to reflect the new rules set by the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But because we want every Sparkle Games customer to enjoy these rights, we're rolling them out globally.

Sparkle Games Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 22 July 2019